A journey of self(ie) discovery

Posted on May 16, 2014Posted by Mark Foster-Murray

So team Bamboo popped down to the stunning island of Koh Samui, rather than just go on and on about it we thought we would document our journey in the most popular medium of today’s generation, the selfie.

Warning the images contained within this blog post may cause offense as they are neither attractive nor informational. We are normal people, we promise. Do not expect photos of anything other than our faces. You have been warned.

1. Steve & Mark leave Bamboo HQ (Bangkok)

selfie 1

Yes it all starts innocently enough with the Bamboo Boys leaving Bamboo HQ in Bangkok. Look at them, how care-free and fresh-faced they look (really?) little do they know what their journey to the island had in store…

2. Look who we find in a Taxi! Lucy Field our project guru lady person! (Bangkok)

selfie 2

Heading through Bangkok can be a nightmare, but not for these ardent adventurers. Look at them calm, collected and in a bright pink taxi! Now that’s how it should be done.

(Note: Steve is not doing a naughty hand gesture, he is saying ‘peace’ but backwards. What his other hand is doing though, you don’t want to know!)

3. We arrive at Bangkok’s main train station. (Hua Lamphong)

selfie 3

Did you know the station was opened on June 25, 1916 after six years’ construction.  Did you also know that a bottle of Heineken in the station costs 70 baht. Lucy does not know this as she has yet to buy anyone a drink.

4. Look mum! The Train! (Bangkok)

selfie 4

Now, dear reader, this is where our story takes a dramatic twist and we would love to tell you everything but  afraid you will just have to come out here and ask us in person. What actually happened about 5 minutes after this photo was taken defies belief, morals and gravity.

5. On the train….it got weird. (Somewhere not on this planet)

selfie 5

Still smiling and after the craziest hour of our lives we actually made it to the bar carriage on the overnight train. When I say bar more a room filled with beer, 80s techno and a flock of semi-naked Russian men. None of this was the result of Bamboo being on board….promise.

6. 12 hours later…(Surat Thani)

selfie 6

And yet they are still smiling. Quick tip for anyone who does this trip, bring your own toilet paper, carry on your tooth brush, don’t drink the coffee, avoid amorous Spanish men (Lucy) and always always always stand in between the carriages and watch this amazing and beautiful country roll on by, at around sunrise it’s spectacular.

7. Are we there yet? (Don Sak)

selfie 7

Still on the mainland but we can see her in the distance. Now just a quick 50 minute ferry and we are almost there. (Note. Steve is doing his tortoise impression here)

8. I’m on a boat (Thai Gulf)

selfie 8

Still in the same clobber as 17 hours earlier, team Bamboo rock on the ferry to Samui. Quick Tip: If you are Welsh (Mark!) and have fair skin and no sun cream  you may encounter CYSB disorder (Can You Smell Bacon?).

9. On Koh Samui…(errr Koh Samui)

selfie 9

What better way to celebrate your arrival to the island than battling through the hordes of rip-off taxi drivers to take the “Koh Samui Selfie”. Minutes after this photo was taken the gang took said rip-off taxi to the other side of the island (around 600 Thai Baht).

10. And so to work…(Koh Samui)

selfie 10

Our main mission on the island was to ensure our projects are awesome and our volunteers are being well looked after. The only reason we know this is happening is because of this lil’ lady, Niki. She is our Koh Samui rockstar and if you join a Bamboo project on Samui you will be lucky enough to meet her….and of course the rest of us. (Note, the person behind us did not join a Bamboo tour/project hence the hands-to-the-sad-face face)

11. Few days in…(Koh Samui)

selfie 11

Our last day on the island was pretty much spent looking like this. A mix of HAPPY (Wow what a ride!) and SAD (Don’t wanna go home yet) and STEVE (Still trying to figure that one out). That night we went to the infamous Ark Bar at Chaweng beach, photos were taken but deemed unsuitable for our audience.

12. Time to go home…(Thai Gulf)

selfie 12

If you look carefully into Mark’s glasses you can see Samui in the distance! If you look under Mark’s glasses you can see what SangSom buckets do to a man.

13. Until next time… (Thai Gulf)

selfie 13

We will back soon Koh Bambooui. Cheers for the memories!

If you want to be in this selfie then why not check out our tours and projects that head to Koh Samui and other amazing areas in Thailand.

Check out

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Cat & Dog Rescue

….with much more coming soon!

550 x 550 KSM

Don’t be shy (we are clearly not) why not send one of us a message now and demand MORE selfie journeys through South East Asia. Next stop Angkor Wat!…

For those interested:

Mark is a recovering selfie addict with 4 weeks clean. Keep going champ!

Steve joined the circus and is now  a full time tortoise.

Lucy is now the person-who-gets-things-done-on-Koh-Samui (official title)



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