Bring it on 2014!

Posted on January 2, 2014Posted by Mark Foster-Murray

So it’s usually at this time of year that we begin to count the Christmas calorie intake, start writing promises that we are never going to stick to, comparing our 2013s with other peeps and probably dreaming of what’s to become a bigger and better 2014. We’re all with you pal! 2014 is going to be EPIC.

Hill Tribe country

This is where we spent our Christmas

Fortunately I live and work in a position that gives me the opportunity to make those wishes and dreams a reality. Not only for the communities we reach but for the people who join us in reaching them.

Take for example my Christmas day. Yes, I do miss my mum’s cooking, and the occasional pint (s) in the pub with my friends and family and….cheese. BUT when you compare it to heading up to the Hill Tribe project in Chiang Rai with a lovely group of volunteers from the US of A to begin construction of a community centre…well cheese is the last thing I am thinking about…..well maybe just a slice of Edam.

Plenty of Smiles

Plenty of Smiles

Now this is not for me to say my Christmas was better than anyones, but it is touching to see a group as lovely as this sacrifice their time from their mum’s (sorry mom’s) and spend it with us way up in the misty mountains through jungles and rivers, to give that little bit back. Surely what Christmas should be all about…not forgetting the Extra Mature Cheddar.

Join the team

Festive in the Hill Tribe.

If you check out our Facebook Page you will see countless shots of the group getting really stuck into the project, what you wont see is them getting really stuck into the Thai Rice Whisky, however, they are still in-country so I am confident more photos will emerge, watch this space!

Moving on to 2014. Our new and sexy website is up (still  a few teething problems) but we are so very happy with the results (Courtesy of our Web Guru Andy Dover who we are now forcing to join the Team Bamboo). We are so happy in fact we are giving free things away, like beach weeks and extended project time. That’s just how giddy with festive spirit (not whisky) we are!

So this is it 2014, we are open for business and ready to rock your world. So put down the resolution list, get off the weighing scales, send me some cheese (subliminal) and get in touch with myself or Steve about how we can make 2014 the most EPIC ever. Promises.

unforgettable memories

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See you soon y’all (those Americans have had an influence) and a Happy New Year!

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