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Posted on September 9, 2014Posted by Steve Williams

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it just keeps getting better here at Bamboo HQ. Not only is the work on our incredible projects producing amazing results but our hard work behind the scenes is proving to be incredible too! Our team, the Bamboo Family, are the most amazing people you will ever meet (probably). Working 24/7 to ensure that our volunteers and travellers receive the very best experiences possible, the guys and gals who control the good ship Bamboo, are still making contacts, pressing the flesh, pounding the pavement and spreading the word.

The above has been proven once again with another new partnership that we’re delighted to be announcing. This partnership offers an organic development for Bamboo and a new opportunity for you. If you’ve ever considered a change, a new approach, new challenges and opportunities, then this is an announcement that will most definitely tickle your interest in areas that other announcements can’t reach!

Have you ever considered trying something new, starting over, opening up new doors, exciting challenges and doing so whilst living in a foreign country? Let’s be honest, we all have at one time or another! Well I can tell you from personal experience that Thailand has it all, and more. If you are seriously thinking about a life in Thailand, then why not teach? That’s correct, become a full time, paid teacher! Bamboo is delighted to announce that we are now offering an intensive 4 week TEFL training opportunity like no other!

Get your TEFL on!

Through our brand new and exciting partnership with Samui TEFL, we are very proud to be offering you the opportunity to not just earn a valuable TEFL qualification that will see you right to teach in a whole host of countries, but we can almost guarantee you a full time, paid job teaching in schools throughout the kingdom of Thailand, or even further afield in countries such as Vietnam or China to name but two.

This TEFL course is the most professional course you’ll ever consider. Your tutor is a master of the classroom having helped thousands of international students ace the course for over 10 years. In addition to this, Samui TEFL have helped many of these students to find paid work in Thailand and other countries in Asia, so if you are genuinely considering coming out to Asia to work and live then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Not only will you receive the very best in TEFL guidance, you’ll be doing so on Koh Samui. Come and live on this idyllic island, spend your free time on the beaches, explore this incredible archipelago, that includes Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, and learn something new as the sun shines on you and your future!

Once you’ve aced your TEFL qualification, if you feel that a few more hours of practical classroom work would benefit you before heading out to start your new career, then come and join our Teach & Beach volunteering project. These extra hours will not only bring you more confidence in the classroom but more importantly will make you more marketable to the schools you’re applying to. After all, the more experienced you are, the more schools will want you as their new English teacher extraordinaire!

** VERY SPECIAL – from us to you! Because we’re awesome, and we know that this package is about as good as it gets, as a very special offer for this new package please accept a monster 10% discount on any bookings for the TEFL course and any volunteering extension for our October and November arrival dates. Unfortunately we can’t discount the accommodation you choose during the TEFL placement, but only because it’s not ours to discount!

Check out this incredible opportunity on our website now. We promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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