Bamboo is Born!

Posted on December 26, 2013Posted by Steve Williams

Welcome to the Bamboo Project and thanks for checking out our new blog. We’re extremely proud of our new venture and are super-happy to welcome you in to our world. This small part-one of our new blog, will hopefully answer some of your questions and help you learn a little bit more about who we are, what we do and why we’re doing it. After you’ve read though, and it won’t take long, please do drop us a line if you’ve any questions or want to know more.

OK, so here we go…..

Why was Bamboo Founded?

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The team at the heart of Bamboo have been working and volunteering in Asia for many years. Through these years we have all encountered some fabulous projects, great people, achievable goals and people who genuinely want to help. However, unfortunately there have been too many occasions where we have encountered some less than genuine organisations, projects and communities who are having ideologies and ideas forced upon them. Projects that are ‘invented’ to make corporate fat-cats richer because they ‘appeal’ to those who are willing to pay good money to work during their time off.

At Bamboo we only work with genuine projects. In addition, we work WITH some of Thailand’s finest NGO’s who are seeking assistance both physically and financially. We undertake strict due diligence on all parts of a volunteers time, to ensure that your time is utilised and your payment reaches its destination without delay.

Help Communities

Help Communities who need it most!

For example, in Chiang Rai we are partnering with a Thai registered NGO that has operated in the region for over 30 years. Their sole goal is to enrich the lives of Thailand’s forgotten hill tribes. The projects that they choose are decided by the communities and presented to the NGO who then, with our help, search for funding and volunteers who can help to make it all a reality. This not only ensures the projects are what is required by the hill tribe but most importantly empowers these communities and gives them a voice. Members of the communities are used to assist with the work, often taking on the younger youths in the role as an apprentice. The youngsters can then take these new skills and develop them to use for work once they leave school.

We try where possible to ensure that all of our projects are sustainable and we will continue to support them for as long as support is needed.

We have many other ways to support our projects and communities. With every volunteer who joins one of our projects, we make a donation to a central fund. This fund accumulates over a 12 month period when we ask our volunteers, friends, partners, supporters etc. to vote for the top 3 most-needy projects, in their opinion. At the end of that vote, we will donate 100% of the accumulated fund to those projects.

This is Thailand

A fresh approach to tourism!

There are many more ways that Bamboo supports projects in Thailand, India, Nepal and very soon, The Philippines, Cambodia and Laos. Please feel free to drop us a question, send us a photo, recommend a song or send us a bunch of flowers. We would love to hear from you – it’s what makes us feel all warm and cuddly!

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