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Official Partners | Kids Giving Back

Posted on February 7, 2014Posted by Mark Foster-Murray

The Bamboo Project is delighted to announce a partnership with the Australian charity, Kids Giving Back (ABN 79159440963).


Who are Kids Giving Back?

Kids Giving Back: provides volunteer opportunities for kids

“Creating the next Generation of Generosity – Connecting People – Bridging Communities.”

Carole Schlessinger and Ruth Tofler-Riesel are the co-directors of KIDS GIVING BACK. They both have young children and believe that “one is never too young to help others”.


Volunteering with their own children, both locally as well as internationally, came out of a desire to enable their children to give to others. They wanted to instill in them experiences that would teach them compassion from a young age.

What do they do?

  • Bringing out the true potential of our children as they give to others
  • Inspiring a spirit of empathy and social responsibility
  • Kids making the world a better place


Their mission is to instil in young people and their family unit the beauty of giving to others, not just of material things but also of time through real life experiences. We believe that when kids (together with their families and school peers) volunteer, we are developing our next generation of leaders and creating a culture of generosity and civic responsibility.

Why we love Kids Giving Back?

Steve Williams, Co-Founder of Bamboo says “This partnership works so well because   through their projects, social, and fundraising events, Kids Giving Back are not only helping with local and national worthy causes but they are also educating the next generation of international volunteers. You can see for yourselves the impact these kids are having on those they help and also how it’s affecting their complete outlook on the world outside of their own front door.”


For every Australian citizen who books a tour or volunteering placement with Bamboo, we will make a donation of $15 on your behalf to help maintain the awesome work these guys do.

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Feedback | Sustainable House Building

Posted on January 16, 2014Posted by admin

Feedback from David Summers – Sustainable House Building, Chumphon Thailand – December 2013

I had some time on my hands and didn’t want a ‘conventional’ holiday as they are too much hard work, so I got in touch with Steve at the Bamboo Project and he suggested I get involved with an alternative building project called Din Dang in Ranong province. The project is about promoting sustainable building techniques and is also eventually aiming to be self-sufficient. The buildings are timber framed cob construction and the clay for the cob is best mixed barefoot! Bamboo is also used quite extensively – nice touch!

1200 x 500 feed2

The project is run by Bow and his Canadian partner Martha and the accommodation is right next to Bow’s house that he shares with his parents, sister and niece. A typical day will start with breakfast prepared by Bow’s parents at 8am and then, after the volunteers have washed-up, we head down to the project which is a 25 minute walk or a 10 minute bike ride away.

We will work at a nice gentle pace doing whatever has been planned for that day, digging and mixing new clay, constructing new walls or decorating walls already built, digging sign-post holes or just general-upkeep work until 12 when we will break for lunch, again prepared by Bow’s family. The volunteers will wash-up again and then are free to rest, read or do whatever they like until 2pm when work will resume again until 5pm. We usually have a small break in the afternoon to drink and eat – maybe freshly harvested bananas are on the menu or cookies that the girls have made and baked in the clay oven.

1200 x 500 feed3

After work volunteers may join the yoga classes that go on next door at the Thailand Child Development Trust place, swim in the river or just return to the lodge to shower and relax until dinner time at 7pm. After dinner has been eaten and cleared volunteers may do as they please, most sit and chat, read or update their Facebook until 9 or 10 or 11pm when it is time for bed.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Din Dang and it was a welcome change in setting and pace from my usual city office based routine. I met some friendly and interesting people at the project from young graduates taking time out after their studies to a couple researching alternative lifestyles with the aim of setting up their own community in Australia.

1200 x 500 feed4

I was also very well looked after by Steve and all of his staff at the Bamboo Project who ensured that my journey to the project was smooth. Bamboo also arranged a post-project Bangkok tour for a couple of days and that was also well worthwhile, the local guide Mimi was brilliant and I was immersed into the proper local Thai scene very quickly. Without Mimi it would have taken a lot of time to find out about canal buses, how to deal with Tuktuk drivers and where the quickest routes between the attractions were; or maybe I would not have done some of the things that I did..

In summary, I recommend the Bamboo Project to look after your volunteer placement, and also the time afterwards, when having a local on hand really helps.

Thank-you Bamboo!!!!!!!!!

1200 x 500 feed5

If you would like to get in touch and find out more about David’s experience please leave a comment below and either he or one of our co-ordinators at the project will be more than happy to chat to you. Find out how you or your group can join the team and get stuck into this amazing build project. Contact us today and get ready to Bamboo!

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Bring it on 2014!

Posted on January 2, 2014Posted by Mark Foster-Murray

So it’s usually at this time of year that we begin to count the Christmas calorie intake, start writing promises that we are never going to stick to, comparing our 2013s with other peeps and probably dreaming of what’s to become a bigger and better 2014. We’re all with you pal! 2014 is going to be EPIC.


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