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Feedback | Elephant Conservation Thailand

Posted on January 8, 2014Posted by Tal Danai

The Following is the thank you letter I wrote the organizers after my trip. It says it all:

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to share with you how much we enjoyed the elephant farm experience. It was wonderful. I find it difficult to decide which were better, the elephants or the people. Chin, turned out to be a pure soul and did his utmost to make sure we thoroughly enjoy our time. Oum, the hotel owner, her parents and assistant made us feel that we met relatives we have never known, and all of the elephant staff were as friendly as could be.

Families Welcome

Tal Danai and his son Jonathan

To support the above superlatives I want to share one specific experience with you. On Sunday, after midnight we came back from the Sunday market, to which Chin took us. When we parted at the gate to the hotel I have probably dropped my wallet onto the road. The car’s engine was running, so none of us heard it. I only found out i am missing my wallet Tuesday morning.

The whole village enlisted to try and find it. Poor Chin felt so bad he took us to the local monk, made a contribution to the monastery and had him give us instructions on how to find the wallet. People we never met would stop us on the village streets and tell us how sorry the are, the head of the village announced the incident on the village’s speaker system. We were so touched by all this that i told Jonathan (my son) that despite the fact all of our money was in that wallet, i feel it was well spent just to meet so much human goodness, care and empathy.

You'll never forget

Jonathan making new friends.

So to sum up our experience organized by you I would say that it was an exceptional one. You, May and Chin have all done your best to make our trip successful and we are grateful to you for it.

I hope we will have more chances to come back here and have you arrange it all for us. I would also highly recommend to all of my friends to look you up when planning time in Thailand.

Best wishes, Happy holidays and a Wonderful New Year,
Tal & Jonathan

If you want a similar experience to Tal and his son, Jonathan, then get in contact to the people who know, the people in-country right now working with these communities. Like the elephants, you’ll Never forget. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and either Bamboo or Tal will get back to you – The Bamboo Project

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Bring it on 2014!

Posted on January 2, 2014Posted by Mark Foster-Murray

So it’s usually at this time of year that we begin to count the Christmas calorie intake, start writing promises that we are never going to stick to, comparing our 2013s with other peeps and probably dreaming of what’s to become a bigger and better 2014. We’re all with you pal! 2014 is going to be EPIC.


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