The ‘Giving-Back-Packer’™

Posted on September 24, 2014Posted by Steve Williams



Totally awesome independent traveller who wishes to help as much as experience. Doesn’t have a suitcase but a canvas or nylon bag strapped to their back. This leaves both hands free for helping, hugs and hi-5’s!

“I am a giving-back-packer, therefore I’m amazing”

 Synonyms: God-like, incredible, awesome, Bamboo volunteer


Travels the world looking to give back to communities and projects as much as experience them, meet people and have fun.

So a giving-back-packer is without question the coolest person on the planet, right? Yep – and that’s a fact! Giving-back-packers have two main focuses; to travel the world and to help where it’s needed. They do this at the same time as sacrificing their own personal comforts. They often smell pretty awful, don’t mind wearing the same piece of underwear two days in a row (but no more than that – everybody has limits), have seriously large amounts of head hair and appear unshaven at all times (including the ladies) and as long as they get from A to B, have no care how they do it.

These people are incredibly friendly, approachable and helpful. These are traits that have always been within them but during an international volunteer and travel adventure they have honed these skills to a point that would make a UN ambassador blush.

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A giving-back-packer is willing to do pretty much anything to help and this is often how they get the most from their travel. If they’re volunteer English teaching in Thailand or volunteering with elephants in India, developing communities in Cambodia or on an adventure in Nepal, these guys get their fix from seeing beaming smiles on the faces of the locals that they interact with. They’re not necessarily humanitarians, they simply like to help out, don’t mind a bit of dirt or sweat and love to see the effects their time has on communities. It’s this that gives them a buzz, this is their caffeine, their chocolate bar, their legal high (or not so legal – hmmm…).

Giving-back-packers are almost always on a tight budget. They live each day on a set rule of spending but as we all know, even the best laid plans get smashed to bits when you’re travelling – a shoe falls apart, a memory card goes missing, an ATM card gets forgotten and swallowed by the machine! So when you see a giving-back-packer out and about – you can’t miss them – buy them a sandwich, a beer, a packet of cigs. They’ll genuinely appreciate this small token and you will be directly helping them towards achieving their dreams of helping others – not to mention the excellent karma that we guarantee* will be returned to you 10 times.

*We cannot guarantee that good karma will be immediately forthcoming but when something good does come your way, you know it came from us and the giving-back-packer

Why not take being a giving-back-packer for a test-drive? Come along to Thailand, Cambodia or India and let us show you how to do it properly, safely and awesomely (another word I invented – Steve). Volunteering abroad is life-changing for everybody it touches. Be a part of that and do something special.

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