Too Old to Volunteer?

Posted on April 14, 2014Posted by Steve Williams

“Am I  Too Old To Volunteer?”

We’re often asked this question by a pretty huge amount of the young-at-heart who are looking to give some of their time to help others. “I’m in my 60’s, so probably far too old to help, but was wondering if there’s anything I can do to help.” Was the last enquiry we received of this kind. Previous questions include “Not amazingly agile as I’m in my…erm… latter years, so was wondering if there’s anything available for me?” and “….finally retired, lots of spare time and NEED to do something meaningful, help!”

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At Bamboo HQ we think it’s awesome that international volunteering is receiving this kind of exposure and we move heaven and earth (and elephants) to make it happen for absolutely anybody, any age, any background, any sex and so on! Through our pretty amazing network of contacts in Thailand, and Asia, we can pretty much find a suitable placement for anybody with the time to give.

Age is merely a number, I can say that now as I’m 40, so therefore I’m over-the-hill! Volunteering is a state of mind. With more and more people taking ‘gap’ years at a later and later stage in life why not give some of your time to help where it’s needed. Yes, of course there are volunteering opportunities in every country, including their countries of origin and birth. But in Thailand, we have glorious weather, happy smiley people, amazing food and more that appeal to pretty much everybody.

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Team Bamboo are always on hand to offer advice, assistance, translations, support and a shoulder to lean on at any stage throughout a volunteers experience. OK, so some of ‘us’ as we get older, perhaps need a few more ‘home comforts’ – I for one need a comfortable chair to rest my weary back, and I’m not afraid to say that <blushing>. So all we ask is that we’re given notice to make arrangements. We’re not the Four Seasons and neither will we ever be. Why? Because our funds go in to supporting our projects, not supplying Egyptian cotton sheets and feather pillows.

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So forget your age, forget your need for warm milk before bed, forget your stiff ankle and love of Bourbon biscuits. Just contact us, ask the questions, let us help you to help us to help others and give you something pretty amazing to take back home and boast of to all of your friends, family (grandkids?!) and anybody else who’ll listen.

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Volunteering in Thailand (and anywhere) is amazing! It should be anybody and everybody’s bucket list. Teaching English, working with kids, hugging elephants. It’s all waiting for you and wrapped up in heaps of hugs from your awesome team at Bamboo.

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