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Posted on January 28, 2014Posted by Arron Barrett

My Top 10 Moments in Thailand

For me, Thailand is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. No longer is it a country that can only be visited by the rich, or those happy couples on an all-expenses paid honeymoon. Truth is, it has never been easier to reach.
Before my first time in Thailand, I listened to all the stories from friends that had been, and it didn’t take much to convince me to visit.

4 years on, in which I’ve visited 6 times, spending a total of around 170 days exploring, trekking, teaching,  building, partying, sunbathing, nursing hangovers, and everything else Thailand has thrown at me.. Now I’ve been given the task of compiling my top 10 moments whilst in Thailand. Some moments have lasted for mere seconds and have been over in the blink of an eye, some have lasted longer, so here’s my top 10

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Our new boy Arron talks his top 10…

10. Walking the streets of Bangkok

I find it hard to describe the size of this place.. There’s a surprise around every corner! From the breath taking skyline in every direction, to the street stalls selling local delicacies.. one moment I would be in the middle of a street market, with people selling fresh fish, animals and fruit I didn’t even know existed, the next minute I was walking along Soi cowboy home to other girls and lady-boys famous in Thailand. It was definitely a sensory overload!

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“breath taking skyline in every direction”

9. Visiting the Grand Place

By far the most visited tourist attraction in Bangkok, and for good reason. Gazing at the architecture and the attention to detail in every statue, whether it be 30cm small or 10 meters tall, it really makes you appreciate how much of an important place this is for Thai people. If the crowds get too much for you as they did me, then you can take a quiet moment to light some incense with the locals, and really take in where you are and how breath taking this place really is..

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A big Buddha

8. A Big Chang @ Khoasan Road

We’ve all been to swanky bars, and paid over the odds for a beer or two,  not here, put stools at the side of an already busy backpackers mecca, add some tables, chuck in ice box full of cold beers, and throw in some great tunes, give it a shake and serve!! It’s a must for anyone visiting Bangkok.. I’ve done it many times and I’ve met people from all corners of the globe here. I would choose a Chang here over a glass of champagne at a classy bar any day of the week.

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Beer Chang on the infamous Khaosan Road

7Trekking Erawan national park in Kanchanaburi

Remember those screen savers, and desktop backgrounds people have at their office computers, of places they dream of visiting one day? Well yes, this is probably one of them. I use the word paradise very carefully, I do not want to over use it, but after trekking to the 7th stage of this waterfall, it was something that will stay with me for a long time. I still use it my pictures as my desktop backgrounds to this day! It was Paradise!

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Stunning waterfalls

6. Elephant Trekking

Who comes to Thailand and doesn’t climb on top of a five ton Asian elephant, wade through rivers, and catch a half decent tan at the same time? I was never going to let this opportunity pass.. such beautiful animals, with a temperament to match. He seemed to enjoy the day as much as I did, although I did sweet-talk him with 4 watermelons. To this day it’s the coolest mode of transport I’ve ever taken.

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5.  Community Volunteering Projects

Not all of my time in Thailand has been about me. Taking time out to spend time with orphaned children was probably the biggest eye opener for me. I won’t use too many clichés, but we ALL take what we have for granted from time to time, and giving something back to children who genuinely needed it and appreciated it, was the most rewarding feeling I’ve ever had.
Whether I tried to pass on my midlands accent in the form of teaching English, or played football at lunch time, or even let the kids use me as a punch bag for their Muay Thai training. Every second was a moment that meant something to the children. The experience made me a better person and made those children better fighters if not anything else.

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4. Christmas Day on Koh PhiPhi

Maybe the most famous beach in the world? Yep, I did it.. I gave up my Christmas Dinner, in place of a couple of beers, whilst looking out onto white sands and the crystal clear waters of Maya Bay.. for a moment I looked up at the sky and though about all of all the friends and family back home, waking up opening their gifts,  for a split second I was jealous, but I looked around and thought to myself “wow” it was the “same same but different”

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3.  Full Moon Party NYE Koh Phangyan

Imagine the biggest beach party you can… no bigger than that… no ever bigger than that… try 30,000 partygoers on one beach, loud music, drinks flowing, fireworks, fire dancers, this was insane! Like nothing I’ve experienced before and probably won’t again. Everyone was up for a good time, painted with neon paint, a bucket in one hand and my other hand throwing some (what I thought at the time) fantastic shapes. It was the single best party I have ever been to (unless my grandma is reading this, then her 60th at the church hall was equally as fantastic)

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2. A moment to reflect

It can’t all be about partying, sometimes we need to reflect, and to this day, this moment is up there with the best.
Picture the scene.. it’s Koh Phangan, I’m surround by friends I’ve spent almost 30 days with. My first trip was nearing its final conclusion, and we were all sat on the beach, hours past, and before we knew it, sunset was upon us.. It seemed to last for a long time, or maybe it’s because all our eyes were transfixed upon the horizon, but in that moment so many thoughts went through my mind, I thought back to all the sights I’d seen, all the people I’d met, but I knew we would all remember this moment together and nothing could spoil it.

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1. Friends moment 

Finally, it’s the most obvious moment of all. None of the things I’ve seen or experienced would have meant as much if I hadn’t shared them with the people I had. When I joined trips, I always travelled alone, it’s probably the scariest thing I’ve done, but it also allowed me to meet the people I did, and to this day I still class many of them to be friends for life. That’s the amazing thing about traveling, you meet so many people and share these moments with.
You know that moment when you meet someone and you just click, I’m lucky enough to have had this many times and so should YOU!

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