If you want to see, feel, smell, hear, touch and taste the very best of South East Asia but you don’t know where to begin, then congrat’s because you’re now in the right place with the Bamboo MASSIVE!

With our choice of tours, you’ll be led by a local to see and experience places and destinations that as a lone traveller you would never hear of. All of our adventure tours have been field tested by our team to ensure that you, our hearty traveller, have the most unforgettable trip.

Get ready for a sensory explosion…

Every traveller who joins a Bamboo tour makes a donation to our fund that will be donated to our projects. The time-of-your-life can improve another persons life-time!

If you want to be a genuine ‘responsible’ traveller then join a Bamboo tour. We genuinely do give back to the communities we visit.


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