Basic preparations​

Posted on November 18, 2013Posted by admin

Obtain a Visa (if necessary): Visa laws change quite frequently, so it’s important you find the most updated information. Depending on your country of origin, destination country, and length of stay, you may need to arrange a visa before arrival. Please visit your destination’s embassy/consulate website for exact details. Obtaining the correct visa to cover the duration of a stay is your responsibility, we can’t be responsible for your visa requirements. For more specific questions, feel free to ask the friendly folks at Bamboo.

Visit Your Doctor: Vaccinations are generally recommended for travel abroad, please contact your local travel physician or disease control website to obtain information about vaccinations.

Get to Know the Local Culture: Asia is like no other place in the world. For first time travelers, each of our destinations will seem very foreign and exotic when you arrive. Make the transition a little more comfortable (and get a little more out of it) by reading up on the country’s history, religions, and etiquette.

Speak to a Bambassador: Whether you’re volunteering or just traveling, speak to one of our on-site coordinators to find out the most specific and up to date information on your destinations.


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