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Posted on January 18, 2014Posted by Steve Williams

How did I find him? Well that’s because the coral he used to call home has been destroyed to such an extent that he now has nowhere to live, feed, breed or party! What can we do about that? Read on, dear friend. Read on…..

So a while back we were approached by an Island Conservation Organisation and a SCUBA diving company based on Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand. We were asked if we could help find volunteers to assist them with their own marine conservation project. Intrigued we were. Wanted to know more we did. So we sent one of our team there to find out more, ask some questions and get the low-down on all things marine.

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Having a very limited knowledge of the marine world and almost zero knowledge of marine conservation,  we set about, as with all of our volunteering projects here in Thailand, to see the work for ourselves and undertake the necessary due diligence, making sure that you and your financial investment are actually helping and not lining the pockets of overweight, over-tanned corporate bods’ with little or no interest in any kind of conservation.

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From minute one, we were impressed. The team at the project have it covered. They obviously care about what they’re trying to achieve. The team behind this project ooze the necessary passion as they talk about the work they’ve completed, the work they are doing and their long term goals. You couldn’t help but be impressed. Sadly, the figures they quoted regarding the loss of coral and thus marine life were shocking. Falling sea levels, sun exposure, over fishing, aquatic vehicles (speedboats, jet skis et al) are all doing untold damage to the heart of the ocean.

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All is not lost however, oh no sir! This group, who it must be said are one of hundreds worldwide, have a mission to educate and repair. Educate us all in to the damage we’re doing to the ocean and the knock-on effect that it has to such an extent that millions of people are affected, daily. That’s right, millions daily! Bet you didn’t know that, right? Neither did I. But I do now and so do you.

They are replacing the damaged and destroyed coral with man-made coral. Yeah, who’d have thought it? We can actually grow coral and it’s really a very interesting process that even I, who struggles to change batteries in a torch, understood and enjoyed learning about.

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Don’t worry if you’ve don’t have a SCUBA qualification. The dive school will sort you out with all of the qualifications you need. If you have a basic SCUBA qualification you can upgrade to reach the minimum required to join the project in just 3 days. Accommodation is included and these guys know how to look after you. Rest assured, they’ve thought of everything you need to be safe, comfortable and having the time of your life.

In addition to this there are other projects such as a sea-turtle breeding program and charting the undersea word. This is a fascinating project and any of you who are keen swimmers or SCUBA divers should seriously consider. OK, the ocean is basically just a big puddle, right? Well it’s given you and I so much fun, why not give something back and help keep Nemo get back to living, feeding, breeding and partying?!

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Steve is clearly passionate about the ocean, if you wish to find out more about our marine conservation project then contact us and chat about the work we do and how you can join the team.


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