Volunteering with The Bamboo Project – Will it make a difference?

Posted on March 10, 2015Posted by Steve Williams

In October 2013, Mark and I sat in our tiny little office, the epi-centre of all things ‘Bamboo’, and in no time at all we had produced a simple video for our website:

This video was completely unscripted, unplanned and completely off-the-cuff. Mark simply said, let’s just talk about our ideas, why we do what we do and why we’re different to all of the other volunteer-travel ‘organisations’ who operate in Thailand and south east Asia.

Without wishing to sound like we knew what we were doing, it was easy. We just told the video camera the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The entire narrative of that video was shot in one take – Mark then just took 6 months trying, and failing, to make me look handsome!

Imagine our surprise then when this cheeky little article appeared in the Telegraph on the internet!


Nope, they don’t quote either of us, make any reference to The Bamboo project, comment on how handsome Mark failed to make me look or even use any of our photographs. But the essence of what they’re saying, the message that they, and we, are trying to get across, is exactly the same – if you want to volunteer, long or short-term, do it, but research who you’re doing it with, the impact it will have, how your money is used and the organisation who will be there to support you. Look for references, reviews, blogs, anything from past volunteers who may be able to answer the questions that the organisation you’ve been in touch with is either refusing to answer, avoiding, or doesn’t have an answer for you. Any volunteering organisation that shy’s away from answering questions head-on, in our eyes (and we’ve been working in this field for many years) is quite simply hiding something.

We are extremely proud of the work we do, the people we work with, the communities we support, the children we’re educating, the villages we’re aiding. We’re proud because we’re making it happen. Every single person connected to The Bamboo Project is also proud because they’re seeing first-hand the positive effect of the work they’re putting in. From our full-time project coordinators to each and every volunteer, we ARE making a difference, we ARE helping thousands of people and we ARE transparent, honest and genuine. Just ask around!

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