Born to Bamboo

A modern kind of traveller needs a modern kind of tour company. One that feels like a family but acts like a best friend. One that rises to any challenge, explores with care from here to there, gives back as much as it takes, widens the eye, pushes the buttons, buzzes the brain, fulfils the stomach, flattens the feet, amazes the senses, independent travel but with a big hand in the right direction. A company that thinks about where we roam as well as who does the roaming, exploring together, with new found friends from all over the globe. Speaking, listening, smelling, tasting, thinking, running, digging, feeding, eating, believing, trekking, sleeping, dancing, caring, sharing, never stopping from start to end. We are not just a tour company, we are just like you. We are all of the above and are just excited to share it all with you We are Bamboo, Are you?

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1. Bamboo knows

Bamboo Knows

We at Bamboo have over 15 years combined experience working in this industry; living and breathing these destinations.  That’s a lot of time to see firsthand what works and what doesn’t.  We’ve spent more than a decade exploring these places – the good and the bad – and now hope to provide you with the best possible advice throughout your journey.  Whether it’s choosing the right tour or project, immersing yourself in the local culture, or finding the best deals on food and accommodation, we’ve been there, we’ve done that, and now we’d like to share these experiences with you.

2. Up to you, up to you.

Up To You

Travelers come in all shapes and sizes, from sight-seers, adrenaline junkies, cultural observers, party-goers, off the beaten path explorers, to those who are just looking for a nice place to relax and enjoy the view.  With a variety of destinations in six different countries, Bamboo offers something unique for everyone; and we’re eager to help you find your own path.

3. Best bang for your buck.

Best Bang For Your Buck

All of us at Bamboo started out just like you, wide-eyed wanderers in search of exciting, new horizons.  The possibilities for such are endless; funds however are certainly not.  After more than a decade of learning that delicate balance between exploring the world and maintaining the bank account we’ve mastered the art of sniffing out the rip-offs and pouncing on the best deals possible. It wasn’t easy, but hopefully our pain can be your gain.

4. Honesty & Transparency.

Honesty Transparency

Our travels and experience in the field have shown us the very best and worst of “volun-tourism.”  So many people with the best of intentions allow their projects to be overrun by greedy corporate interests and end up exploiting the very people (and animals! -FP) they came to help.  Excessive placement fees often put money in a businessman’s pocket, rather than putting food in a hungry child’s tummy.  This travesty was our key motivation for founding Bamboo, and we promise that your donations will only go exactly where you intend them to.

5. Price Guarantee.

Price Guarantee

Continuing with the theme of honesty and transparency, we have an absolute guarantee that our prices will not change.  The prices that we advertise will be upheld throughout your trip, with no hidden fees popping up at the last minute.  More importantly, as we’re a fully qualified and registered business, you can rest assured that our contracts and YOUR money are completely secure. (If anyone’s got a problem with that, they’ll have to deal with me first! – FP)

6. Karma’s a bi…. big deal.


When you book a tour or volunteer placement through Bamboo, you’re not only setting up the adventure of a lifetime, but donating precious funds and resources to our various projects throughout Asia.  As a volunteer, you’ll provide vital hands-on assistance in making the Bamboo dream a reality.  As a tourist, a small, but important portion of your fee will go directly towards caring for under-priviledged communities, building a better infrastructure, saving a threatened sea turtle population, teaching English to impoverished children, protecting elephants from exploitation, and providing vital medical care to locals who need it most.  Buddha (and Fat Panda – FP) will be ever so proud!

7. Get by with a little help from Bamboo.

Get By

It’s a big, crazy world out there, filled with excitement, uncertainty, serenity, hilarity, danger, adventure and everything else in between.  It’s quite a bit to take in all on your own. Luckily, with Bamboo you’ll never have too.  Years of exploring have taught us the importance of sound advice, extra support and especially a good travel buddy; now we’d like to make sure you’re never lacking any of these.  All of our staff, from those at air-conditioned headquarters to those shoveling elephant dung on-site, will serve as personal travel advisors throughout your journey.  A little advice goes a long way and we’ve got over a decade’s worth to share with you.

8. Emergency Helpline.

Emergency Helpline

Much like Batman we can assure that you’ll never be more than a phone call (or Bamboo signal) away from a Bamboo team member with our Emergency Helpline, available 24/7, 365.